Jagannatha Express Vegetarian Bistro & Organic Juice Bar

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Organic and local fusion food at it's best! All specials are dairy and gluten free.

Ryan Moore, owner of Jagannatha Express

What does Jagannath Express mean, you ask?

This is the name of a unique passenger train that starts at Calcutta, and travels non-stop to the seaside holiday town of Jagannath Puri!

This charming town is world famous due to the presence of the magnificent Temple of Lord Jagannath, or Sri Krishna. In the Jagannath Temple, it is a daily tradition that 200 highly skilled cooks prepare opulent vegetarian food as an act of devotion to Sri Krishna; and once the food is blessed it is distributed to the masses. It is this extraordinary tradition that is the foundation of our Vegetarian / Vegan Bistro.

At Jagannath Express we avoid GMO products and cook with pure unadulterated vegetable oils, such as olive and coconut oil. Organic and local vegetables are acquired whenever possible and all rice, legumes and spices are all certified organic.

Our dessert counter boasts all gluten free and or sugar free goodies sweetened with fruit juice, organic cane sugar, or agave. Our Juice Bar offers all-organic vegetable juice combos, as well as oure fruit juice beverages without undesirable additives such as sugar and preservatives.

We look forward to sharing our excellent quality vegetarian / vegan “fusion foods” with you, and we are sure you will recognize that your good health and wellness is our goal.

- The Jagannatha Express team

jagannatha team behind service counter